10 cent 1926 Airmail US Map & 2 Mail Biplanes

February 1926 is when the 10¢ airmail stamp was released. The olive brown 15¢ one was released September 1926 and a yellow green one for 20¢ was released January 1927. This stamp was designed by C.A. Huston with a map of North America with a De Havilland DH4 on each side. 

All 3 stamps were issued to meet the new Airmail rates. The 10¢ stamp covered one zone, about 1,000 miles for a 1 ounce letter. 


You can research stamp prices but they do tend to change. 

As of 9/2013 There were no successfully completed Ebay auctions for this item to give a range. As common as it is I've found only a few for sale and always in a set. With over 42 million having been made I don't expect this stamp to have much value despite it's condition or being a (FDC) First day cover or not.


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Shared Details 
Perforation 11
Watermark None

184100 x 75100 inch

Printing Recess
Designer C. A. Huston

10¢ Specific Details
Stamp Number (Scott) US C7
Michel Number US 300
Face Value 10¢
Color Dark Blue
Plate number 18246
Issue Date February 13, 1926
Amount issued 42,092,800

15¢ Specific Details
Stamp Number (Scott) US C8
Michel Number US 301
Face Value 15¢
Color Olive Brown
Plate number 18746 L
Issue Date September 18, 1926
Amount issued 15,597,307
20¢ Specific Details
Stamp Number (Scott) US C9
Michel Number US 302
Face Value 20¢
Color Yellow Green
Plate number 18898 R, F18892 B
Issue Date January 25, 1927
Amount issued 17,616,350