24¢ US Airmail 1923

Many people confuse this stamp with the 1918 Jenny. Besides being differnt planes they are different colors. Unfortunatly the cancelation covers up this beautiful De Haviland biplane. This tamp was primarly used for air mail service covering 3 zones, NY through San Francisco. These stamps were issued to meet the rates for a new trans-continental service. These stamps were not regularly issued until nearly a year later, since the new night and day air-mail service for which they had been provided was not yet ready in 1923. First Day covers must be from the August 1923 time-frame and are quite rare. First Flight Covers were issued at the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1, 1924 and are somewhat more common. (Argo People, Postage & The Post) (US Stamp Gallery) (US Stamps 1947USA


You can research stamp prices and they do tend to change. Just remember a dealer may not buy at the prices listed below.

As of 9/2013 Ebay auctions for this item have gone as low as $1 on up to $127 each. Many retailers are currently selling this stamp any where from $30 on up to $200 each depending on condition and if it's a (FDC) First day cover or not.


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Stamp Details
Stamp Number (Scott) US C6
Michel Number US 288
Face Value 24¢
Color Carmine/Rose
Plate number (4 plates) 14840-14843
Issue Date August 21, 1923
Perforation 11
Amount issued 5,285,775
Watermark None
Size 7/8x3/4"
Designer C. A. Huston
Engraver J. Eissler & E. M. Hall