3 canceled Diamond Head Airmail Stamps

This stamp was issued in 1952 when 3¢ stamps were being issued. Shows a 4 engine Boeing 377 Stratocruiser flying over Diamond Head, HI. 80¢ was the cost to fly a 1lb package from Hawaii to the mainland. stamp was created at the request of Hawian merchants, so they may send orchids to the mainland using 1 high value stamp instead of plastering the entire item with small value stamps. (Rewind the 50's)


You can research stamp prices and they do tend to change. Just remember a dealer may not buy at the prices listed below.

As of 9/2013 Ebay auctions for this item have gone as low as $1 on up to $8 each. Many retailers are currently selling this stamp any where from $3 on up to $9 each depending on condition and if it's a (FDC) First day cover or not.


Rewind the 50's           Colnect            Wikipedia: 1952 Airmail

Stamp Details
Stamp Number (Scott) US C46
Michel Number US 626
Face Value 80¢
Perforation 11x10.5
Color Bright Red Violet
Printing Recess
Watermark None
Amount issued 18,876,800
Plate number 24592-4 (3 plates)
Issue Date March 26, 1952